How to Enjoy Nightlife in Aerocity?

Delhi is a premier example of an appellation that develops delight and euphoria at the same time. It has an extraordinary party culture that can mesmerize anyone. Although the entire Delhi city is amazing, it is harder to match the quality of nightlife in Aerocity. It is a magical place with so much to experience that ensures you never run out of choices once the sun goes down.

In addition to having a few of the hottest bars and pubs in the city, it can allure you with numerous entertainment options. Want to know more about this prospect? Check out our detailed information about how to enjoy Aerocity’s nightlife in style!

Chidya Ghar (Rest ‘o’ Bar)

We love the exciting environment created by Chidya Ghar bar which has tried to create the concept of traditional pubs. It is harder to find such a place nowadays when everyone is inclined towards modernization. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, this place won’t disappoint in any manner.

It is an exciting place with an incredible interior giving great vibes to the guests. If you want fun at its very best, you shouldn’t miss visiting this exciting bar. Try drinks like The Dessert Rose, Burrito, and Basil Smash for sure.

Underdoggs Sports Bars and Grill

Want to enjoy an IPL match late into the night? Well, visit Underdoggs Sports Bars and Grill which will ensure you don’t stop yelling while cheering for your favorite team. It is a perfect place for meeting sports fanatics and enjoying the match of your team while sipping your favorite drink.

Furthermore, it stays open late in the night which means you won’t have to worry about even your European Football League match. Also, you will love the booze and ambience of this exciting place.

Dragon Fly Experience

Dragon Fly Experience is a super unique place for having an elite-class dining and party experience. You can enjoy a perfect blend of Asian and European fusion dishes with an authentic Indian flavor to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

There are music shows organized regularly at this restaurant, so you won’t have to worry about something special here. It stays open up to 1 Am in the night each night. Don’t forget to try Bamboo Chilli Chicken if you are a non-vegetarian.


People who love visiting Restro-style pubs should give a visit to Stallion without having any second thoughts in mind. It is an exciting place for enjoying a grand evening in the companionship of your friends or family. The divine experience that one will succeed in enjoying can leave long-lasting memories in your mind.

As per our experience, the whisky sour available here is the ideal choice for alcohol lovers. On the other hand, their exotic food is a must-try thing while sipping your favorite drink.

The Hong Kong Club

The next place is heaven for food lovers who always crave Chinese cuisine in Aerocity. The Hong Kong Club offer a highly flavorful dining experience with plenty of tasty dishes and exciting cocktails. Another highlight of this place is the super friendly staff who know how to provide exceptional hospitality to our guests.

Late Night Movie Shows

If you think Aerocity is all about booze, food, and parties, we suggest you think once again. Enjoying a romantic late-night movie date is an excellent idea for having a wonderful night in this area. There are plenty of exciting theatres in Aerocity that run movie shows late in the night.

We think it is a great choice for couples to explore nightlife perfectly. Imagine watching a romantic movie by holding the hand of your girlfriend or wife. It is guaranteed to give feel-good moments to make things memorable.


Whenever you plan to enjoy a night out, these places are ideal choices for having a perfect experience. You can enjoy a highly adventurous and thrilling time that will make your night bold for sure.

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